The Philadelphia Eagles: “Bible Study And Getting In God’s Word” Daily Is Vital

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The American football players, Philadelphia Eagles Team, have soared high through the 2017 season after they got the best record in the NFL (7-1) undefeated at home.

Carson Wentz, Zach Ertz, Trey Burton, Nick Foles and Chris Maragos are the Bible Study Magazine’s newest edition cover.

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It started in the early 1990’s that the Eagles have had a Bible Study when the late Reggie White was sacking quarterbacks for the team. Since then, it became most of the Philadelphia players’ source of encouragement.

“This group is, without a doubt, extremely unique,” Chris Maragos told Cooley. “This is my third team in eight years, and the reason why it’s super-unique is because we have so many solid leaders and guys who are well-versed in the word. These guys are willing to get out in the community and share the gospel, serve each other around the [team] facility, and be invested in each other’s lives on a daily basis.”

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Burton shared how it was God’s divine appointment that led him to the team.

“I’m in Philly with a bunch of unbelievably strong men,” Burton told Joshua Cooley. “I’m surrounded by a ton of good people, and I can be who God created me to be.”

Wentz and Ertz also pointed out how studying God’s word is very vital to their life spiritually.

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“(The Bible) is really the secret to life,” Wentz said in the article. “If you’re not rooted in God’s word, this world will eat you up …. In the NFL, you don’t have to look far for a temptation or distraction. You’ll go astray so fast. I’m thankful that God has give us his word. His word is true. He’s got a pretty good track record in keeping his promises.”

“In order for me to consistently grow as a follower of Jesus Christ, I need to be in the living word,” Ertz told Cooley. “No matter what season I’m going through in life, it allows me to learn about the grace we have all received and what Jesus Christ did for all of us.”

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Being anchored to God’s word and being rooted in the Scripture plays a large role in them, and this is what kept the Philadelphia Eagles Team together in their faith.

“We love the word,” Burton said. “We could talk about it all day long. A lot of times, people are going to pastors and religious leaders instead of going to God’s word. You hear stories where people revolve around pastors, and that’s not the way it should be. It should be around God’s word. You won’t understand it until you open it up.”

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