Pay Off A $4.3 Million Debt? Done After She Discovered This Secret From God

Jane is a marketing consultant who has led campaigns for major corporations such as Kellogg’s, Hilton, and Holiday Inn. She’s done well over the years. But at first, she had problems managing her money. And at one point, she was $4.3 million in debt.

Jane knew she had to cut expenses. Vacations were out. Home repairs were put on hold. Still, climbing out of a multi-million dollar debt seemed impossible.

“I went to God in prayer about it, and I knew I’d never make enough money my whole life to do it the world’s way.”

Jane began reading Christian books on money management. There, she learned the importance of giving.

Jane encourages people, no matter their financial situation, to trust God and give.

“Once again, when you get out of God’s way, and trust Him to do it, He works miracles.”

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