Mother Lost 3 Children In Just 3 Years Due To Cancer, But Her Faith In God Makes It More Surprising

YouTube | Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho

Lorelei Go from the Philippines had three sons, Rowden, Hasset and Hisham. Her life as a mother was doing good until 2014 when she lost her eldest, Rowden, to stage 4 liver cancer. It was a moment in her life that gave her so much heartbreak. What she didn’t expect though was when her two other sons followed suit.

It wasn’t long when her second born, Hasset, was diagnosed with the same cancer. He too lost the battle the following year. In the same year Hasset was battling with the disease, her third son, Hisham, was also detected to have stage 1 liver cancer. He bravely fought the cancer but just recently, Hisham bid goodbye to his loved ones.

Lorelei’s story can be akin to Job’s story in the bible–that time when he lost everything that he had including his children. But just like Job, Lorelei’s faith is unmoved. Despite everything that happened to her, she still believes that God is good.

Watch Lorelei’s story in the video below and be prepared to shed some tears!

Source: Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (One at Heart, Jessica Soho)

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