Mom From California Is Looking For Hero Who Rescued Her Daughter From Car Crash

What are the chances of crossing paths with someone who is willing to risk his own life just to save your life? Not a lot of people would dare to do so. But one man did for a total stranger.

Jacklynn Marfill, a mother from California, posted on Facebook about her teen daughter’s car crash accident. Apparently, her daughter almost died after she lost control of her car on the wet road surface. She was entering the highway when her car skidded across traffic and hit two other southbound cars.

Things got worse when the car crash led to a fire. Terrie Madruga, a witness of the horrific accident, saw how dangerous the situation was. She was confronted with the fiery aftermath of the car crash.

“I couldn’t imagine. It’s every parent’s worst nightmare that there is an accident and where is your kid,” Madruga told CBS Sacramento.

She also told reporters that when she got nearer to the scene, she felt the blazing heat coming from the vehicles. It was so hot that she felt it in her own vehicle.

There were other witnesses too. Karen and Roger Salstrom were passing by when they saw the accident. Karen really thought that the whole thing was going to explode. Fortunately for Marfil’s daughter, three other drivers who were not involved in the accident stopped to help. One of them was able to pull out the teenager from the burning car.

Marfil wrote in her post that her daughter was unconscious while she was being rescued. She was just so grateful that someone actually stopped to save her daughter and risking his own life. That’s why she just wants to find that local hero and thank him personally.

She was able to get the names of those who took the time to help her daughter. But now she is trying to locate them so she could talk to them.

Aside from Marfil’s daughter, another person was hospitalized with minor injuries after being involved in the accident. As for the teenage daughter, she is in the hospital making a full recovery for her second life.

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