Molested By Her Father, She Was Totally Broken Until God Incredibly Changes Her Story

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Janette McGhee expresses her heart in music, dance, and spoken word poetry. But as a little girl, she had a dark experience.

McGhee was molested by her father. And not just him, but also a relative who babysat her.

Janette says she had faith in God even as a little girl. Her mom and grandmother were godly women who taught her the Bible. When she finally told her mom about the family member, he never babysat again. But she never said anything about her dad. She didn’t want to add to mom’s burdens. So he molested her two more times and physically abused her for years.

She grew up carrying that secret with her, which only caused a lot of hurt to her. But when she encountered God, she found the answer and the healing that she needed. How did He encounter Janette that made her turn to Him? Find out below!

This could help a thousand of young girls who are in the same situation with Janette. So share this to give them hope! Watch the full video below!

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SOURCE: YouTube | The Official 700 Club

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