Miss Universe Contender Stopped Wearing Bikini After Receiving A Conviction From God

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Venus Raj represented the Philippines seven years ago in Miss Universe 2010 and won 4th Runner-Up. Since then, she has been a public figure to all Filipinos.

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Everyone can see on her Instagram account that this beauty queen hasn’t been in a bathing suit for a while. Instead of a usual pair of bikini, she wears a rush guard that hides her beautiful body.

onlyvenusraj | Instagram

And this is what Venus revealed in an interview last week. She said that she has put certain limitations on her clothing when she became closer to God. Venus said that it wasn’t a matter of reservation.

“It’s not because I just want limitations. It’s because I’m getting mature and I’m having convictions. Anything that I feel not biblical, it’s conviction.”

onlyvenusraj | Instagram

When she was asked about her love life, she said that she doesn’t have any suitors as of the moment.

“I’m happy and in love every day. I don’t have a suitor, I’m just really content with my relationship with the Lord every day. Why don’t I have any suitor? I’m just waiting, I am not pursuing.”

onlyvenusraj | Instagram

Businesswoman and Venus’s co-host, Cristina Decena, attests to the faith of Venus. According to Cristina, Venus made a huge impact on her life, especially on her faith. Apparently, it was Venus who taught her how to read the Bible every day.

onlyvenusraj | Instagram

A beauty queen that chose to be intimate with the Lord, Venus Raj will always be beautiful inside and out.

“In the past, I fought for my crown. Today, I no longer desire for an earthly crown, but for an eternal one. It has become my life mission to share the true Giver of eternal life, the One who fought all the battles for me: Jesus Christ.”


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