Man Marries Terminally-Ill Bride, Then She Dies 18 Hours Later

Photo: GoFund Me/HeatherMosher

Love is without a doubt a powerful thing. It can make a person do anything just like what Dave Mosher did for his love of his life, Heather Mosher. This couple’s love story is nothing ordinary though.

Photo: Facebook/Dave Mosher

Heather and Dave first crossed paths during swing class in May 2015. Since that day, the two have formed a relationship, which eventually turned into a romantic one. Fast forward to December 23, 2016, Dave decided to propose to Heather.

But it was also the same day that the couple learned a heartbreaking news. Heather found out that she has breast cancer. Dave could have easily backed out from his plan of marrying Heather but the news didn’t stop him from proposing to her.

“She didn’t know I was going to propose that night, but I said to myself, she needs to know she’s not going to go down this road alone,” Dave said.

Dave popped the question under a street light after a horse-drawn carriage ride. Heather said “yes” without hesitation. But five days later, the couple from Connecticut faced the biggest challenge of their lives. Test results revealed that Heather’s cancer was triple negative, which is a rare and aggressive form of the disease.

By September 2017, Heather’s cancer reached her brain, and two months later she was put on life support with a breathing tube. But despite all the obstacles they faced, Heather and Dave never thought of calling off their wedding.

The couple originally set their date on December 30, 2017. But the doctors advised them to move the schedule a little earlier than that. Heather was desperate to make it even with all the surgeries and rounds of chemotherapy she underwent.

Many thought that Heather wouldn’t make it but she proved herself to be a fighter. On December 22, 2017, the duo exchanged vows in a hospital chapel. They pushed through with everything even with Heather still on life support.

All of their loved ones were there to witness their first and last moment of being Mr. and Mrs. Mosher. Eighteen hours after the heart-wrenching moment, Heather took her last breath.

“She held on to stay alive for the wedding, a wedding to the man of her dreams,” said Christina Karas, Heather’s bridesmaid.

Photo: GoFund Me/HeatherMosher

The bride’s family had her funeral on the day the couple initially planned their wedding. And though it was a painful time for David, he used Heather as an inspiration.

 “Heather said, ‘I want to keep fighting,’ so that’s the mantra I’m picking up. She was able to fight till the end, I’m going to fight until my end.”

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