Joanna Gaines Lost Her Special Bible, She Didn’t Expect To See It Again Years Later

Photo: Magnolia Market

A bible given as a gift is always something worth keeping forever. That’s why when “Fixer Upper” star Joanna Gaines received a special Bible from her father, she made sure to treasure it a lot. But did you know that this particular Bible of hers comes with an amazing story?

In Gaines’ magazine “The Magnolia Journal,” she shared how she lost her special Bible but had it returned years later. Before heading to New York to spend a semester in college, Gaines’ father gave her a pocket-sized Bible with her name embossed on it. Her father also wrote a special note inside.

Gaines explained that she was so happy to receive that gift from her father because it was his way of telling her that she can do anything and she believed him. As her prized possession, she carried the Bible with her everywhere she went. She also reread her father’s note over and over again as it encouraged her while she was away from her family.

She loved the Bible so much that she planned to keep it forever. But when she returned to Texas, Gaines decided to lend the Bible to a friend who was traveling to Boston for a mission trip. She was hesitant at first but she felt like lending it for a greater purpose is the right thing to do. And so she said goodbye to the Bible.

It had become one of my most valued possessions. I turned to it whenever I was feeling anxious or needed to be comforted. I, of course, lent it to her.

She didn’t expect what happened next though. Her friend lost her Bible. Her heart crushed upon learning the news but she decided to just move on. She coped with the loss by purchasing the same exact Bible. She even had her dad write a similar note inside.

It looked the same but it just didn’t feel the same as the original. Years passed by and Gaines had already forgotten about the special Bible. But an amazing thing happened while she was in Boston with her husband, Chip, to meet up with an old friend.

He asked Gaines what her father called her, so she answered “Jojo.” Her friend then revealed to her that he has something that she owns–her precious Bible!

Apparently, her friend mentored someone who somehow came across her Bible. The handwritten note inside caught his attention. And just like that, Gaines’ long lost Bible was back in her arms after so many years.

“The fact that my dad’s letter, left behind hundreds of miles away found its way back to me continues to leave me awestruck. I choose not to question or analyze it.”

Now, isn’t it amazing? Gaines’ is indeed really meant to keep that Bible forever.

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