Girl On A Wheelchair Comes Back Home Running And Completely Healed

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Markie Braly is from Medford, Oregon who just received a miracle healing from God. She is battling with a neurological disease called Guillain-Barré Syndrome for almost one and a half years. It’s a disease in which your immune system eats away parts of your nervous system.

She was sitting in a wheelchair one Saturday morning when a ministry student approached her and asked if she can pray for her. While she was praying, her right leg started involuntarily convulsing and contracting. And as they went back to their truck, her left leg started contracting violently! Her left leg was the weaker leg and had further to go to heal. She felt like it was being shocked or maybe like someone was scraping her nerves. It was kicking the floor of their truck involuntarily. Then, it calmed down, and she decided she wanted to try to get out of the truck and walk. So she got out and a miracle happened! She was able to walk normally!

God is indeed our healer, and if He was able to do it in Markie’s life, He will also do it in your life.

Watch and be inspired:

Credits: Kris Vallotton

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