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Flash Mob Crowded the Restaurant to Surprise a Mom Battling with Cancer

Amanda and her husband thought that they were just about to do a GoFundMe video to ask for financial help from people to support her medical needs as she battles with stage 3 cancer. Little did they know that it was a set-up and that 200 people queued to surprise them with financial help.

As the shoot was ongoing, they were shocked when people, one by one, began to put money on their table. Their four kids then came in bringing them some flowers. It was totally a heart-melting moment. They were speechless and their reaction was priceless. They literally broke out in tears and hope began to dawn for the two of them.

Amanda is a mom of four kids. She has no health insurance to support herself for treatment. Being diagnosed with a stage 3 cancer is beyond what she and her family could bear. It is a painful and challenging phase of their life indeed. On that very day, they were able to raise $13,000 which would be of great help to support her treatment..

Let us pray that help will keep on coming to them and that she will experience a great miracle from God. She will be cancer-free in Jesus’ name!

Watch full video below to witness the whole story!

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