Alcohol & Seducing Men Is Her Life Until She Meets A Godly Man Who Never Gave In To Her

YouTube | The Official 700 Club

More often than not, when someone comes from a dysfunctional family, they end up living a wayward life. It’s usually because of the pain and hurts that rooted from their childhood years. This was Maryann’s story. Her dad was an alcoholic and an abuser. Because of that, her life became messy. When she was 17, she married a man who was exactly like her father. She divorced him after 4 years of marriage and then joined Air Force.

She thought she will find peace there but it only led her to drinking problems and promiscuity. That was her life until she met Michael, a fighter pilot. Find out how Maryann’s life turned around ever since she crossed paths with Michael, the man whom God sent to her to bring her back to Him.

Source: The Official 700 Club

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